This is a series composed of four paintings. They are self portraits of my spirit. I found the most personal appearance of my spirit and I transposed into painting, as a recent autobiography. Three of them are acrylic on wood, one of them is acrylic on canvas. Each of these paintings is deeply personal and symbolic. They represent an exorcism of every flaw I have, projecting a perfectly functional future for my body and spirit. I expose my medical problems through painting in a barbarian, brutal manner. Omitting the glorification and glamorization of suffering, I use an explicit and violent imagery.

This series is NOT AVAILABLE for sale.

The red and yellow paintings isolate the past.


This painting depicts my feelings on the operating table. Red is a colour often associated with blood in various cultures. There was no blood in my surgery, due to the fact that the eye is not vascularized, yet red is correlated with the typical blood one would usually see in an operating room - it concerns the idea of a medical intervention upon a human body. Around me, instruments that are currently used for corneal transplant surgeries float, while the doctor's oversized hands emphasize the control he has over my sedated self.

This is a tempera and acrylic painting on canvas. Dimensions: 80x50cm. Year: 2015.


This work illustrates my severed, hanged head. It symbolizes the end of my love affair with hospitals. The three syringes stuck in my head stand for the three eye surgeries I've undergone in 2014. The transplanted cornea is also visible. Yellow, a colour associated with peace and redemption, is contrasting with the violence of the subject. My spirit's head lays on a black table, as if it were a morbid trophy.

This is an acrylic painting on wood. Dimensions: 35x55cm. Year: 2015.

The blue and green works predict the future.


This painting depicts me in the stage when I reach enlightenment, with my rabbit Severus on my shoulder. The prison bars are made of hot iron, and my third eye is finally open, looking forward to the future. Blue, a colour that, in terms of psychology, stimulates the learning process, stands for my path towards knowledge and my intellectual evolution. I chose to paint my rabbit because this series was made shortly after he died, and I felt his presence while I was painting.

This is an acrylic painting on wood. Dimensions: 35x55cm. Year: 2015.


Green, the colour of nature, reveals what I consider the most natural direction of my future. This painting depicts me as an established artist. My metaphoric sanctification - considering my atheism - is pure self-mockery. I am waiting for my pilgrims, with the photographic camera on my head, the brush in my hand, and a cigarette in my other hand.

This is an acrylic painting on wood. Dimensions: 15x32cm. Year: 2015.