I have had a tendency towards art for most of my life. I have created within various artistic fields, but my main interests are photography and painting. In both fields, I speak loudly about myself. However, my feelings are not unique to myself, therefore others relate to them as well.

I am very passionate about music. I only listen to classical music, and its influence upon my mind and my work is tremendous. In June 2016, I decided, at 24 years old, to learn how to play the violin, and since then I have been practicing daily. The violin is an important part of my life.

I have a deep connection with the colour black, which is why I refuse to wear colourful clothing. Besides its spiritual value, it also simplifies my life and helps me concentrate better on my art and my violin instead of having time-consuming dilemmas concerning what to wear. You can read my artist statement - The Black Manifesto - here.

My pseudonym is a synthesis of my life. My life was rich in both pleasant and tragic events, and this has influenced my pseudonym, my work and my personality.

Besides art, I created The Black Encyclopedia, a scientific encyclopedia of mollusks, rocks & curiosities from my collection which includes more than 1500 specimens. I am also a tea connoiseur, I love plants, and my pet is a white Lionhead rabbit called Boris.


There are two areas in which I am interested: street photography, and self portraiture. I will briefly discuss them both.

My street photography mainly (but not exclusively) involves architecture, especially old buildings or other architectural elements. I am interested in the purity of the subject which I choose to photograph. I take these photographs in order to record the essence of each of the places I have visited.

I often choose to photograph old buildings, in an attempt to expose the world as it was in the past, when beauty was present in every aspect of human life: buildings, furniture or all sorts of everyday objects. I somehow live in the past, and I keep modern technology at a minimum level in my life. I want the photograph to evoke the time in which the house has been built.

My self portraits are the closest to my spirit, because they involve a powerful metamorphosis, a reincarnation. I am interested in the ways in which a person can undergo a spiritual renaissance (not involving religion, just self control) and art is a wonderful way of cultivating the spirit and the mind.

I use various substances, some are commonly used make-up products, some are unusual things as well (however, these are my artistic secrets). I change my face, but I also change my mindset, in order to match the mask that I'm wearing. Self portraiture changed my life, and I want to inspire others to change their lives through art as well.

You can read an interview and article about my self portraits (in romanian) here.


I was not initially a painter. I became one in 2014. My style is primitive, with exotic and vegetal elements, and sometimes it is also influenced by pointillism, art deco, and expressionism. I depict very personal obsessions and aspects of my life. As opposed to my photography which is almost exclusively black and white, in my paintings, I often use vivid colours.

You can read an interview and article about my paintings (in romanian) here.


You may contact me at medicine (at) medicine-madison.net for any sort of inquiries about my paintings, as well as if you are planning a studio visit.

I do not accept commisions, or requests for a photo shooting. My work has a powerful meaning to me and I would like to keep it this way.


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