I am an interdisciplinary artist working mainly with photography and painting. I am also an amateur classical violin student, and I only wear black.

Many people have described my work as being powerful and haunting. Its aim, though, is to cure the broken. For those who are broken are often those who do not know who they are. Art is the best medicine for such ailments.

I, myself, could have been broken, several times, but every time, I remembered who I am, and I stood up stronger than ever before. I achieved this because of art. Self Portraiture Photography and Painting got me through this smoothly.

My work is here to inspire you, the viewer, to search within and discover who you are through art, and to encourage you to appreciate and cherish beauty, whether it is Primitive beauty, Classical beauty, the beauty of nature, or the peculiar yet fascinating beauty one may find within the realms of the Grotesque.

My work is also here to remind you that, just like wandering across a foreign city, searching in the less mainstream areas of life will be a more interesting experience than choosing to simply follow the crowd - as you will see in my Street Photography.

And ultimately, my work is here to show you how rewarding it is to explore your inner mechanisms by means of art.

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I am based in Bucharest, Romania. Contact me at medicine@medicine-madison.net for any sort of proposals or inquiries about my work, as well as if you are planning a studio visit.

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