10-24 March 2017 @ Galeria Occidentului, Bucharest

"A Primitive Nature" is, according to Medicine Madison, a "return to simplicity" (M.M). What is the value of simplicity, what does it mean for each of us? We are only able to sense it when quietly looking at the work of art, as if following a ritual whose goal is self-discovery. Marked by the totemic figure of the primitive man, the entire exhibit carries the stamp of a primitive wilderness, setting up the connection of man and inner rhythm.

In this technological world, real communication between people is affected and after the Industrial Revolution the link between Man and Nature has constantly been eroded: "What we are currently experiencing is an obliteration from all that matters - profound contact between people, care and respect for nature, the spiritual relationship between man and art." (M.M)

The exhibition "A Primitive Nature" represents a journey to the most isolated realms of the world where Man still reigns over Nature. The Primitive Man is living in a society where pagan incantations and rituals represent the norm. These works carry an eerie and singular expression of primitive beauty, which is emphasized by a stylised figurativism reduced to essential traits.

The works signed by Medicine Madison employ a peculiar form of anthropomorphism, associated with vegetal elements. The powerful graphism of the brushstrokes and the geometry of the shapes contrast with the fragility and softness of the vegetation, often encountered in the pictorial space. The artist's complexity is witnessed by the variety of the plastic techniques used: clay modelling, painting on canvas, glass and wood, embroidery and clay interventions on canvas. All these are based on the chameleonic nature of the human figure mostly materialised in a wide range of visual expression.

Medicine Madison is a graduate in Photography and Video at the Fine Art University in Bucharest. Her artistic pursuit concerns the relation between one's body and identity, a subject which she explores both in photography and painting. Self-knowledge is based on primary and natural manifestations, in other words, primitivism. The works of Medicine Madison are remarkable due to the peculiar, ambiguous depiction of the human body.

Because she is inspired by Classical music and the philosophical idea of the Renaissance man (namely, the idea of a complete artist), she decided to learn the violin at age 24, while continuing her activity as a visual artist.

Ultimately, the works signed by Medicine Madison acquire a major sense when thinking of the human body and figure as the most important instrument of inner expression: "My inner force springs from the fact that I have experienced things most people will never experience." (M.M)



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